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2020 …la partícula gigante donde habitas, for string octet (double string quartet)

Commissioned by Cuarteto Q-Arte and Colombia’s Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo.  Premiered by Cuarteto Q-Arte and Cuarteto Kunst on December 8, 2020.

Approx. duration: 10:00 minutes.

2019 Caminantes, for wind symphony

Commissioned by the Wind Ensembles at Vanderbilt University, Thomas Verrier, Director, along with 31 other co-commissioners assisted by the College Band Directors National Association. Premiered on November 03, 2019 at Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN.

Approx. duration: 8:30 minutes.

Instrumentation: 3 (picc) 2 4 (Bass cl) 2 – 4 sax- 43312 – timp, 3 perc., pn. **

2019 Tendril Rapture, for oboe, bassoon, and piano

Commissioned by Apothix Trio with funds provided by Michigan State University Running Start Entrepreneurship Program.  Premiered by Apothix Trio on December 06, 2019, Cook Recital Hall, College of Music, East Lansing, MI.

Approx. duration: 6:30 minutes.

2018 Unshaken, for euphonium and piano

Composed by request of euphonium player Robert Benton, who premiered it on July 20, 2018 with pianist Omar Sánchez at Festival AETYB, Real Conservatorio Superior de Música, Madrid, Spain.

Approx. duration: 4:30 minutes.

2018 Vanishing Borders, for Bb clarinet and string quartet

Commissioned by the Peachtree String Quartet.  After the original soundtrack for the 2013 documentary Vanishing Borders.  Premiered by clarinetist Alcides Rodriguez and Peachtree String Quartet on October 17, 2018, Atlanta, GA.

Approx. duration: 4:30 minutes.

2017 King Mangoberry: Five Allegories for Symphonic Wind Ensemble

Commissioned by The University of South Carolina.  Premiered at the 2018 CBDNA Southeastern Conference held in Tampa, FL by the University of South Carolina Symphonic Winds under the direction of Cormac Cannon, February 24, 2018.

Approx. duration: 23 minutes.

Instrumentation: 3 (picc) 3 (E.H) 4 (Eb & Bass cl) 3 (C bn) – 4 sax – 43321-timp, 3 perc., harp, pn, double bass. **

2017 Volar en tu Canto, for soprano voice, French horn and piano

Commissioned by the Wagner Trio.  Poem in Spanish by Alfredo Pérez.  Premiered on February 13, 2018.

Approx. duration: 7:30 minutes.

2017 Baile Improbable/Dance Unlikely: Concerto for Violin and Orchestra no. 2

Commissioned by the River Oaks Chamber Orchestra who premiered it with soloist Andrés Cárdenes on February 24-25, 2016 oin Houston, Texas.

Approx. duration: 16 minutes.

Instrumentation: 2222-2210-timp, 2 perc., pn, vln solo – strings **

2016 Fluteball: a soccer-driven melodrama, for flute and Bb clarinet

Composed by request of Marissa Olin and Jon Holden for premiere at ClarinetFest 2016 held in Lawrence, Kansas.  

Approx. duration: 6 minutes.

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